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Texecom wireless alarm system kit wireless keypad
How to choose my Texecom wireless home alarm system.

1. The external Sounder
The First step is to take into account is the external sounder. If you want that your alarm system to have an external sounder, you will do well to choose a kit that has such a sounder included. The external sounder is an essential part of an alarm, so you should insist on having one except in areas where you are not allowed to install a sounder on the front wall of your home. Kit 1 and KIT 3 do not contain an external sounder, but KIT 2 and KIT 4 have one.

2. Arming and disarming the system
The Second step involves choosing how to arm and disarm the system.

2.1 In every kit, there is a WIFI communicator incorporated. So if you connect the panel to the WIFI network, you can arm or disarm the system through the alarm app in your Smartphone. This is the first method of arming or disarming your security system.

2.2 An alternative way of arming or disarming the system is with remote key fobs. It is an easy way to arm the system, but because the dimensions are similar to those of a car remote, it could be an uncomfortable option if you loathe carrying several gadgets.
We recommend this option for senior people or systems that are connected to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) because the key fob has an extra button, which can be programmed as a panic alarm, just in case.
Pyronix Enforcer KIT 1 is the best alarm systems for this option.

2.3 The third method is installing a wireless keypad at the entrance of your home. The arming is made by typing a code or pressing fobs; the keypad has a fob reader built-in. You just need to memorise the code or have a simple fob, which is much more practical and easier to carry than a remote key fob.
Pyronix Enforcer Arming Station KIT 1 is the best alarm systems for this option.

3. The wireless detectors

The last step involves selecting your detectors.
All Texecom wireless detectors are digital. The first 4 kits contain pet immune detectors.
But to increase their accuracy and sensitivity while avoiding false alarms, some detectors incorporate extra features like dual technology and quad sensor technology.
The dual technology detectors have a detection device made of infrared and microwave technologies and are more expensive. Meanwhile, quad sensors reduce the likelihood and frequency of false alarms. If you are keen on a very accurate alarm system, go for one with a quad sensor because it has a better false alarm rejection rate than dual technology detectors.
Kit 5 is made with dual technology detectors while KIT 6 comes with quad sensor technology. These kits are some of the best technical solutions for wireless alarm systems in the UK market.

4. Conclusion
Texecom offers six types of wireless home alarm system kits with different features. Each kit allows you to arm and disarm using an app, remote key fobs and wireless keypad, so you can choose the type of technology you are comfortable with. Systems with sounders are great for homes that are prone to burglar attacks. The more advanced kits feature dual technology and quad sensors for accurate surveillance. Ultimately, the type of wireless alarm system you choose for your home depends on your security needs and budget.


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