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Pyronix arming station wireless alarm system kit

How to choose my Pyronix wireless home alarm system.

Pyronix is one of the leading manufacturers of alarms in the UK. Its leading products are wireless alarm systems. The company’s factory manufactures five types of kits, which are all affordable and of incredible prices. When choosing between the five types of kits, you must consider the size of your home add detectors, contacts, and sounders.
Below are some factors you ought to consider when choosing the best kit;

1. The External Sounder

The external sounder is an essential part of any alarm. They act as deterrents against threats of intrusion when they are installed at the front of your house. If you are looking for an alarm system with an external sounder, then you ought to look at the product descriptions and make sure the kit you choose has a sounder feature included. However, if your house, for one reason or the other, is not permitted to have a sounder on the front wall, you can opt-out of it.

2. The disarming and arming feature of the alarm

Each of the kits manufactured by Pyronix wireless system features an Enforcer V10 panel that is incorporated with a WIFI communicator. This means that you can connect the panel to your home’s WIFI network. By doing so, you will be able to arm or disarm the system. All you need is a mobile application on your smartphone. The Enforcer KIT 3 features this type of arming and disarming feature. The kit also features two additional detectors that could work for any home. However, it does not provide any other arming device.

Another way you can arm and disarm your alarm is by using remote key fobs. Perhaps this is the easiest way through which you can arm and disarm your alarm system. However, the dimensions of the key fobs are similar to those of a car remote. This feature makes it difficult to carry around comfortably. This type is, however, recommended for older people and those systems that are connected to an alarm receiving center. The reason is that the key fob features an additional button that can be programmed to function as a panic button. Pyronix’s Enforcer KIT 2 features this kind of arming and disarming element.

Thirdly, you can arm and disarm your alarm using a wireless keypad that is located at the entrance of your home. This is one of the most common types of arming and disarming features. With this kind of functionality, you can load the alarm by typing in a code or by using fobs. Usually, the keypad has a fob reader built-in. Pyronix’s Enforcer Arming Station KIT 1 uses this kind of arming and disarming technology.

With Pyronix, you can opt for a system with all the elements mentioned above. The Enforcer V10 KIT features all the above features. With an all-in-one panel and a built-in keypad, you can quickly arm and disarm your alarm system using any method you choose. Note that the panel has to be installed in a hidden place so that the intruder cannot see it. Therefore avoid installing such an alarm panel at the entrance of your house because then an intruder can vandalize it before it can send an alert to your phone or to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Center).

3. Types of Detectors

All kits manufactured by Pynonix feature wireless digital detectors. You can, however, set them apart by the type. The types available are those with lenses that are volumetric (also known as standard lens detectors). There are also long-range lens detectors, curtain lens, and pet immune lens detectors. You can opt for detectors that are made using dual technology or quad sensor technology because they are more accurate and have high levels of sensitivity. For instance, dual technology detectors are produced using infrared and microwave technologies. They are, however, more expensive than the latter. On the other hand, quad sensor technology detectors have also better false alarm rejection technology.

Note that the best Pyronix wireless alarm systems are not those that feature an all-in-one panel. A hybrid panel is more stable and preferable. However, Pyronix does not manufacture this type of kit in the factory. The company has to build this kind of system piece by piece upon requests from clients.

4. Conclusion

Before you decide to choose between the different kits of wireless home alarm systems provided by Pyronix, it would be wise to gather some information on alarm systems beforehand. Doing so will make it easier to understand the concepts of the different features, as explained by the company and the sales agent. It will also help you make an informed decision. It is also essential that you consider the different costs, the location of your house with regard to how much security you need and the size of your home as well.


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